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Autore: Beatrice  
Ciao Angela,Molto belli i tuoi tutorial anche i siti mi piacciono
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Autore: TammyJo  
Hi Angy,
I need to talk to you but am having a hard time finding your e mail address. I have a new tower, new hard drive and I can't find your address anywhere . I have a lot of work to do as well so do not think I can take the time to go through a 2 TB external and another 160 GB external and the new hard drive. It would be easiest if you could email me please. I have a few things I wanted to discuss with you. One is about the leaves becoming animated in a scrolling letter. It is able to be done. I have many letters that others have created that have done it as well. I will tell you more about it in an email ok ? Thanks in advance. TammyJo
IP Autore16-06-2013 - 10:21:19
Autore: Angela 
hai visto che ce l'hai fatta? Dai adesso continua...
IP Autore09-03-2012 - 15:37:52
Autore: Anna 
Sei straordinaria. Tutto č meraviglioso .Grazie per avermi dato l'opportunitā di visionare il tuo sito. Grazie ancora.
IP Autore08-03-2012 - 21:21:48
Autore: Vally 
Molto bello il sito, complimenti e grazie
IP Autore19-11-2011 - 16:21:28

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